I’m currently consulting part-time at a large Fashion Retailer, where I used to be a Senior Manager.

I’ve been providing them with some of my knowledge and experience, which includes institutional knowledge, systems management, project assistance, process improvement and people management, among other things.

The organisation has just embarked on an Enterprise Agile Initiative, which I am finding very fascinating.

They’ve hired an experience Agile Practitioner who has been doing Agile Software Development for years. And he’s seen it all!

And I am a student...

Last week he met with various teams in the organisation.

And today he gave a Four Hour Presentation in the Auditorium to about 80 people.

While I could see many people struggling through the presentation, I lapped it all up, took notes and asked clarifying questions.

This was free training for something that I am passionate about!

And I was thinking how all of this knowledge I’m getting could benefit you...

He went about explaining the whole Agile Manifesto and then took us through his preferred frameworks, which was Scrum for Project Work and Kanban for ad hoc incidents.

Now, why am I keen to be doing this, when I’m actually selling an Agile Training Program, Mind Map to Kanban?

This reminds me of why I departed from Scrum, which works extremely well in large organisations struggling to deliver projects on time, on budget and within scope.

When I started my private online Venture publishing Using Mind Maps Magazine, developing online training courses and helping people with my Mind Mapping passion, I ran into a problem.

Despite knowing Scrum, I struggled to implement Scrum in my small venture, as it’s very difficult to Scrum alone.

Also, Scrum had very defined roles: The Product Owner, The Scrum Master, and the Team - and I was all three.

This stopped me in my tracks, prevented me from delivering and left me emotionally drained.

While I knew about Kanban, it took some time before I came across a framework calledPersonal Kanban by Jim Benson.

And I found this perfect for a one person venture, or for smaller teams.

So, I started to use it and work started to flow better - and I started to ship more regularly.

But, I still had a problem, as Personal Kanban required a linear prioritised backlog - and my brain just could not handle a long, linear backlog.

That is when I started experimenting with Mind Maps for the backlog, as all projects start out with an idea, or a number of ideas.

And ideas are not linear. They are sporadic, abstract and simply “all over the show”.

Mind Maps enabled me to tame the "idea beast".

This led me to a process that used Mind Maps for the Idea Phase and Personal Kanban for the implementation phase - and work started to get done faster and with better quality.

But, more importantly, I started to feel less stressed, as I could visually see what I am busy with, what I’ll be doing next, and what I’ve already done.

People I knew started asking me how I managed to do so much with such a small team.

When I started explaining to them that I used Mind Maps for my ideas and Personal Kanban, a modern lean and Agile Framework, to implement my tasks, they wanted to know more.

This eventually resulted in the Mind Map to Kanban Course and Academy.

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If you are a small group, or work solo, then this may be just what you are looking for to get the important things shipped…