I’ll be starting a four week implementation series this weekend to help you apply the Mind Map to Kanban principles.

Why have an implementation class, when I have an in-depth course explaining all the principles and techniques?

People have been asking this, so here is my answer:

Benjamin Bloom, a well-know educational psychologist, developed a framework for learning, commonly referred to as Bloom’s Taxonomy.

While his work has lots of merit and is the foundation of many University Curricula all over the world, it’s quite complex - the title alone can scare even the bravest of hearts!

I’ve tried to simplify it by using simple key words using a simplified title:

The Six Levels of Mastery.

Each level must be mastered before you go onto the next level.

Level 1: Recall

Remember and recall the item. It answers the question, “What?’

For example, if I speak of Mind Maps, and you’ve heard the term before, you probably know what a Mind Map is.

How about Kanban?

Do you know what a Kanban Board is?

Level 2: Understand

Now you may know what a Mind Map is, or a Kanban Board is, but do you understand how it works?

Level 3: Apply

Once you know what a Mind Map is and what a Kanban Board is, and you understand the principles of how they work, you are then ready to apply it in different situations.

This is the level of mastery that I would like you to achieve.

In the implementation classes, I will guide you in applying the principles and techniques of the Mind Map to Kanban Course.

Taking it to the next level

For completeness sake, I’m including the other levels of mastery, in case you would like to aspire to attaining these higher levels.

If there are enough people interested, I could offer assistance in attaining the higher levels. Email me if you are interested.

Level 4: Analyze

After applying the principles taught to you over a period of time, you will be able to analyze why the principles work. You will also start to know what works for you and what doesn’t.

Level 5: Evaluate

At this level you will start evaluating different methods and compare it to what you are currently doing.

You will even be able to incorporate other methods into what you are doing.

In so doing you start having a good idea of the pros and cons of the various methods based on your own experience.

Level 6: Create

This is where you create your own method.

In any field this is the highest level of mastery. Many fields offer a PHD for creating something new.

I’d like to believe that I’ve created something new in the Mind Map to Kanban System...

Please think about applying these levels of mastery at work, in business, in your education and in your personal life - and ask yourself: “What level would I like to reach?"

If you would like to learn how to apply the principles of Mind Map to Kanban, which helps you get the important things done by doing less, then sign up to the Academy Now.

You can still get access to the classes at now extra cost, which is a saving of 75%!

Classes start this Sunday, but you can do it at your own pace.

To becoming the master you choose to be…